Get your vouchers on the go

Have you ever signed up to voucher-apps? I did. After signing up, I was flooded with emails about special deals. Every day I got deals sent to me by emails and most of them weren’t what I wanted; some of the offers were too far away for me to take advantage of them. Plus, I had to print off the vouchers first before using them. This isn’t what I want. What I want is a location based voucher-app where you don’t receive hundreds of emails or have to print out vouchers. I couldn’t find a suitable app, so I thought I’ll make one myself. See below how it works and tell me what do you think about the idea.

How it works for a business

Businesses can start a voucher campaign within a few minutes. It’s quick and easy. Just fill out the campaign form and decide what kind of voucher you want to offer. You can either enter a text or upload a picture of your voucher. Finally, you specify the number of vouchers you want to offer and the duration for your voucher campaign. It can last a few minutes or hours per day. You have complete control over when and where you want to do a voucher campaign. There is no registration or setup fee. You just pay a small amount for vouchers which are redeemed in your shop, café or business. One voucher is one paying customer!! Before you start your campaign, you print out your QR-Code to validate the vouchers from the customers.

Your benefits

  • It’s quick and easy to start your own voucher campaign
  • Location-based voucher campaigns
  • One voucher is one paying customer
  • No setup or registration fees


How it works for users

As a user you sign up and click through your preferences once. It’s quick and easy. It’ll take just a few clicks and you are ready to get the vouchers on the go. When voucher campaigns in your location become available and they match with your preferences, you’ll get them on your phone. Just swipe to the right to keep the voucher or swipe left to delete it. It’s so easy!! You won’t receive annoying emails. When you are in the shop, café or business you have a voucher from, just show the voucher and scan the QR-Code given by the cashier. You will get your discount or special offer. The more you use the mobile voucher app, the more rewards you get.

Your benefits

  • You get only vouchers from companies in your location
  • No annoying emails
  • Completely free to use
  • You decide when to receive vouchers by switching the locator on or off



Tell us why you like on the go vouchers!!



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